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Professor Augustinus Bader is Director and Professor of Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cell Technology at the University of Leipzig (Germany) and is considered one of the world's leading experts in the fields of regenerative medicine and stem cell biology.

Inspired by his clinical research to treat burn patients without surgery or skin grafts, Professor Bader has developed a skin care collection formulated with a Trigger Factor Complex called TFC8® that helps increase skin health, visibly diminish environmental damage and repair the skin's natural radiance through 30 years of research. 

Augustinus Bader is cruelty-free and its formulation is free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, sulphates (SLS and SLES DEA) and harsh chemicals.

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About Professor Bader

Univ. Prof. Dr. Med. Co-Founder, Augustinus Bader 


Professor Augustinus Bader is a world-renowned biomedical scientist and licensed physician with early surgical training in clinical organ transplantation and specialist certifications in pharmacology and toxicology. His focus is on applied stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. As a professor, he has lectured at the forefront of disciplines such as medical biotechnology, stem cell technologies, tissue engineering, pharmacology, toxicology, anatomy and surgery. Professor Bader is currently Director of Cell Techniques and Applied Stem Cell Biology at the University of Leipzig (Germany).

Throughout his career, Professor Bader has studied, lectured and practiced at several of the world's most prestigious institutions, including the Department of General and Cardiac Surgery at Harvard Medical School (USA), the Burn Unit of the Second Shanghai Medical School (China) and the Department of Neurology at the Inselspital (Switzerland). He received early medical training at the Università Degli Studi (Italy) and at the Julius Maximilians Universität (Germany). He was also the first German Professor of Tissue Engineering at the University of Tübingen and previously held visiting professorships at Donau University Krems (Austria), Dongseo University (South Korea) and adjunct professor at the Institute of Physics and Technology in Moscow. 

Professor Bader's interest in reactivating dormant stem cells in the body, which may become less accessible due to ageing or under-use in trauma, has led to some of his most impressive biomimetic cell navigation technologies. These technologies aim to overcome current limitations in the treatment of critical-sized trauma and also prevent or partially reverse chronic degenerations related to life expectancy. In 2008, Professor Bader developed a medical wound gel that helps heal severe skin trauma without scarring or requiring surgery or skin grafts, by recreating the missing signals at the site of injury. This deep understanding of cellular communication was the inspiration for Augustinus Bader's revolutionary technology for skin and hair care: TFC8®.


- Felix Wankel Research Award of the German Ministry of Health for the development of alternatives for animal experimentation, 1996
- Hancock Prize of the German Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, 1999
- Cicatrix Study Prize 2010, Europe's largest and most important scientific award. Awarded for his work on the development of a therapeutic method to prevent scar formation after severe thermal injuries.


- The first Professor of Tissue Engineering at the University of Tübingen
- First Professor of the Department of Stem Cell Biology at the University of Leipzig of the University of Leipzig
- More than 500 lectures over the years
- Patented more than 200 key technologies in this field

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